Events- Fall Meeting 2020

November 7, 2020 was IMS’ online fall meeting with a theme of ‘Range health across the Range’.

Thank You to those who joined our first ever fall meeting online webinar- Range Health Across the Range!

A very big thank you goes out to Allison Martin and Stacey Barta for organizing this event and navigating new online territory for us!

Thank you to our excellent speakers who talked about the tools they use for assessing Range Health; they have shared some website resources with us, for those who are interested.

Katie Meiklejohn – Ranch Advisory Partners – Bulls-eye Range Health Assessment:

Rick Caquelin – NRCS – Range Health Overview:

Ross Adams – Alberta Environment and Parks – Alberta Range Health Assessment Tools:

Riparian Health – partnership with Cows and Fish:

Barry Adams – Update on Awards and award nominations:

Barry Irving – University of Alberta (retired) –  field videos on YouTube of getting water to cattle at several ranches; Thanks to this group of ranchers for showing their innovations and to Barry for creating these videos!
Video #1 – Joe and Sandy Dahm, Tomahawk, AB
Video #2  – plowing pipeline
Video #3 – Larry and Ian Kidd, Kidd Brothers Ranch, Mayerthorpe, AB
Video #4 – Kirk Wildman, Towaw Cattle Co., Sangudo, AB
Bonus Video not played during the webinar – pipe fusion technique