IMS Officers & Executive Committee

Meet the International Mountain Section (IMS) of the Society for Range Management Officers and Executive Committee!

IMS Officers

IMS Executive Committee

President: Natasha Rinas

Past President: Rick Caquelin

1st Vice President: Noah Davis

2nd Vice President: Kelsey Cartwright

Director (MT): Stacey Barta

Director (AB): Jillian Kaufman

Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Raatz

High School Youth Forum Chair (MT): Allison Martin

High School Youth Forum Chair (AB): Tracy Kupchenko

History Chairperson: Donna Lawrence

Membership Committee Chair: Vacant

Awards Committee Chair (MT): Jon Siddoway

Awards Committee Chair (AB): Barry Adams

Nomination Committee Chair: Past president

Public Affairs Committee Chair: Vacant

Communications/Social Media: Carly Moore/Kassia James/Lysandra Pyle

Young Professionals Conclave (MT): Josh Hanson

Young Professionals Conclave (AB): Vacant