Special Recognition Awards

Rumsey Parklands in Alberta

Our main award categories are as follows and are described in more detail in the section handbook:

Trail Boss Award

The Trail Boss Award is the highest award bestowed by the International Mountain Section. The Trail Boss Award is intended to recognize individual IMS members who have demonstrated significant contributions in the science or art of rangeland management.

Excellence in Rangeland Management Award

The Excellence in Rangeland Management Award is given in recognition of significant contributions made by individuals or groups in the broadly defined discipline of rangeland management. This award is intended for individuals or groups who are directly involved in the management of rangeland.

Alicia Hargrave Award

The Alicia Hargrave Memorial Award is sponsored by the Hargrave family and the International Mountain Section to honor the memory of an extraordinary young rancher and range management professional. The Alicia Hargrave Memorial Award is given to a young woman who has shown promise early in her career to further the art and science of rangeland management.

Other Recognition

Recognition can also be crafted for other types of service and achievement to our section and rangelands. If you would like to recognize and section member for special service or achievements, put forward a supporting nomination.

Additional information about section awards can be found starting on page 15 of the Section Handbook under the Bylaws and Handbook page

Nominations can be sent to the Awards Chair, and generally have a deadline before the fall annual meeting.