International Mountain Section
Society for Range Management
The first meeting of the International Mountain Section took place in Helena Montana, on April 29, 1950 with 26 members of the SRM. In the intervening years, a unique community of society members from Montana and Alberta have shared a rich history of learning and fellowship based on our shared interest in western rangelands. The section history, chronicles the unique life of our section and provides an enduring record of meetings, tours, special events, awards and the people that made it all happen. The section history is a living document and will continue to grow as our section continues with each new generation.

Page-per-Year History of the International Section SRM (pdf)
compiled from the work of earlier IMS History Committees, to wit:
Scotty Campbell 1972-1974 Chuck Hitch 1982-1998, with Wally Hanson & Mel Morris