International Mountain Section
Society for Range Management


Alicia Hargrave Memorial Award

The Alicia Hargrave Memorial Award is given to a young woman who has shown promise early in her career to further the art and science of rangeland management.  This award will consist of a commemorative plaque and reasonable expenses paid to attend an International Mountain Section Fall or Summer Meeting to accept her award.  Membership in SRM is not required and one award may be given each year.  Because of the nature of this award both nominations and applications will be accepted.

The following criteria will guide nominators for the Alicia Hargrave Memorial Award:

  • Nominees or applicants are not limited in geographic locations except they must be active within the boundaries of the International Mountain Section. 

  • Nominees or applicants should have demonstrated a passion for rangeland management through extension and/or teaching activities. 

  • This award is primarily focussed on the actions of the nominees and applicants; no formal education is required. 

  • An individual can only receive this award once during their career. 

The Hargrave family wishes this prestigious award will be an honour to those who receive it in Alicia’s memory.